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FRIDAY 23rd MARCH 2012

On March 23rd, we had 193 schools ( from 59 different LEAs) & 46,310 children taking part.

Many thanks to all schools who took part. We were lucky that the weather on 23rd was excellent throughout the country. Any feedback on the day is very welcome ( please use the 'contact us' tab above)


Skipping Workshops Newsletter

We are happy to announce our first newsletter.

Click here to read our newsletter. It may take a few moments to load.



Skipping Workshops were delighted to support this event which took place at the Montem Leisure Centre in Slough on January 17th. Congratulations to St Stephen's Primary School in Shepherd's Bush, London who won this year's event. In second place was Grand Avenue Primary in Surbiton, with St John the Baptist Junior from Richmond in third place. Many thanks to Panasonic for supporting skipping in the UK


Skipping Workshops in Dubai!

During the first week of February 2010, our chief coach, Harold Galley spent the week promoting skipping at the Deira International School in Dubai. The invitation came from Nigel Ludlam, deputy-head of the primary school. Nigel had previously hosted visits from Skipping Workshops at two schools in Brighton and ( luckily for us) remembered how much the children and staff enjoyed the visits. The visit to Dubai continues a proud record of Skipping Workshops visits to schools outside the UK. So far we have presented skipping in schools in Luxembourg ( 4 times), France ( 3 times) Belgium ( twice), Ireland ( 4 times), The Isle of Man (3 times), as well as visits to Hong Kong and Australia. We have another visit planned for the summer term in Brussels and have had enquiries from schools in Budapest and Toulouse. If any International schools would like a visit, please contact us ( use the link above) and we would be pleased to explain how it works.

Update: Skipping Workshops have just completed their second succesful trip to Dubai ( early November, 2010) ; apart from another visit to the Deira International School in festival City, a first visit was made to the Sharjah English School.

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