Harold Galley, Head Coach

Harold Galley – Chief Coach

Meet Harold, the visionary founder of Skipping Workshops since its inception in 1997. With a rich background as a Headteacher in London and a national role as an Ofsted inspector, Harold brings a wealth of educational experience to the team. Since founding Skipping Workshops, he’s visited over 1,000 schools across the nation, sharing the joy of skipping and its numerous benefits. Notably, Harold’s passion and expertise have also given rise to The Bouncers, one of the country’s premier national skipping teams.

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Lizzie Cox, Coach

Lizzie Cox – Coach

With an impressive tenure dating back to 1998, Lizzie is a cornerstone of the Skipping Workshops team. Her home base may be in London, serving the South and South East of England, but her dedication knows no bounds. Lizzie’s extensive journey has taken her to over 3,000 schools across England, Scotland, and Ireland, solidifying her status as one of the most seasoned skipping coaches in the nation. Beyond her work with schools, Lizzie’s coaching prowess has extended to The Bouncers, guiding them to numerous national and international titles, further exemplifying her expertise and commitment to the world of skipping.

Mary Cox, Coach

Mary Cox – Coach

Mary’s passion for skipping has been a lifelong adventure, starting as early as age 3. Her journey led her to compete in national competitions and become a part of the Bouncers Team for 5 years. Embracing skipping for fitness into her adult life, Mary has seamlessly transitioned into the role of a coach at Skipping Workshops since 2020. She infuses her lessons with a creative, grounded and enjoyable approach, making skipping an absolute joy for all involved.

Tilly Steward, Coach

Tilly Steward – Coach

Tilly joined Skipping Workshops in 2022, and since then, she’s been enthusiastically leading various skipping clubs throughout South West London and Surrey. Her skills are truly exceptional, rooted in a passion for skipping that has been with her since her primary school days. Tilly’s engaging and gentle teaching approach has made her a favourite among children in schools across the country, fostering a love for skipping wherever she goes.

Mary Cox, Coach

Dan Steward – Coach

We’re delighted to introduce Dan, the latest addition to the Skipping Workshops Team. Dan’s adaptation to our team has been impressive, and his ability to build strong connections with both children and teachers has not gone unnoticed. Dan infuses every class with a vibrant sense of fun, making learning an enjoyable experience for all. Skipping has been a fundamental part of Dan’s fitness routine throughout most of his life, and he’s genuinely excited to blend this passion with his role at Skipping Workshops. His enthusiasm and dedication brings an extra layer of excitement to our workshops, leaving a lasting impact on everyone he meets.

Tilly Steward, Coach

Georgia Toay – Coach

Georgia has coached Skipping Workshops for over 5 years, having been introduced to the sport in primary school 16 years ago by one of our coaches. Since then, she has been involved in the highest level of competitive skipping, titled National Champion, won medals at the World Rope Skipping Championships, and featured on a television series about skipping.

Nicola Jeffrey, Coach

Nicola Jeffrey – Coach

Nicola started skipping at the age of 9 through an after school skipping club. She continued skipping with The Bouncers, competing in national and international competitions, winning multiple gold, silver and bronze medals. Since 2017, Nicola has been coaching the Bouncers, and has been teaching with Skipping Workshops since 2018, running after school clubs, and all day workshops.

Jamie Pettitt, Coach

Jamie Pettitt – Coach

Jamie has worked for Skipping Workshops since 2005 and has visited nearly 1000 schools nationwide. She has also visited schools in the Isle of Man, Ireland, the Channel Islands and Dubai. Jamie began skipping when she was in primary school and became a member of The Bouncers. She has competed at the national and international level, and appeared on TV shows such as Blue Peter and Record Breakers.

Dan Endicott, Coach

Dan Endicott – Coach

Dan has over 15 years of experience working for Skipping Workshops in primary schools in the North and Midlands, visiting around 100 schools a year.

Lorraine Evans, Coach

Lorraine Evans – Coach

Lorraine has worked in the fitness industry since 1985, and has been with Skipping Workshops for 10 years. She holds a degree and MSc in Exercise & Nutrition Science. She is also a lecturer and examiner in Fitness & Exercise for OCR. Lorraine enjoys encouraging children of all ages to keep fit and healthy. Lorraine travels widely but mainly works in the Midlands and South West England.