About Us

Skipping Workshops was founded in 1997 by former primary school headteacher Harold Galley. He started a skipping club at his school and soon became aware of the many advantages of encouraging skipping. These include better levels of fitness, improved playground behaviour and gains in all aspects of PE.


Skipping Workshops has gradually expanded so that by 2003 every Local Education Authority in England was being offered free skipping demonstrations.

Most of our work is done by our visits to primary schools throughout the UK, and we tailor our daily schedule to suit the size of your school or group. We also organise regular skipping clubs and work with youth groups, find out more about our Workshops here.

Skipping helps with co-ordination, concentration, co-operation, and communication. Our aim is to encourage children of all ages, parents, and staff, to take up skipping as a healthy and fun form of exercise.


The high quality gymnastic speed skipping ropes that we encourage children to use can be found in our shop, in addition to an instructional DVD and book.


Harold Galley, Head Coach

Harold Galley – Chief Coach

Harold founded Skipping Workshops in 1997. He has experience as a Headteacher in London, and nationally as an Ofsted inspector. Since starting Skipping Workshops, Harold has visited more than 1,000 schools nationwide, and has founded The Bouncers, one of the top national skipping teams.

Contact Harold at 0208 786 7707 or h.galley@skipping-workshops.co.uk

Lizzie Cox, Coach

Lizzie Cox – Coach

Lizzie has worked for Skipping Workshops since 1998. She is based around London, and covers the South and South East of England, but has visited over 3,000 schools all across England, Scotland and Ireland, making her one of the most experienced skipping coaches in the country. Lizzie has also coached The Bouncers to many national and international titles.

Adam Cave, Coach

Adam Cave – Coach

Adam joined Skipping Workshops in 2010 after leaving the British army. Based near Gainsborough, he visits schools throughout the North of England. He is also a qualified fitness instructor (REPs Level 2).

Moira Caplin, Coach

Moira Caplin – Coach

Moira became involved in Skipping 16 years ago when her daughters joined Harold’s skipping club following a visit from Skipping Workshops. She has spent many years as a skipping coach and has coached skippers to compete in National, European and World championships. Moira also enjoys running a weekly after-school skipping club at a local primary school. Moira has visited over 60 schools, mainly in London and the South East.

Stacey Leyland, Coach

Stacey Leyland – Coach

Stacey joined Skipping Workshops in 2008. She is a qualified teaching assistant. Based in St Helens, Merseyside, she visits schools throughout the North West of England.

Jamie Pettitt, Coach

Jamie Pettitt – Coach

Jamie has worked for Skipping Workshops since 2005 and has visited nearly 1000 schools nationwide. She has also visited schools in the Isle of Man, Ireland, the Channel Islands and Dubai. Jamie began skipping when she was in primary school and became a member of The Bouncers. She has competed at the national and international level, and appeared on TV shows such as Blue Peter and Record Breakers.

Dan Endicott, Coach

Dan Endicott – Coach

Dan has over 15 years experience working for Skipping Workshops in primary schools in the North and Midlands, visiting around 100 schools a year.

Lorraine Evans, Coach

Lorraine Evans – Coach

Lorraine has worked in the fitness industry since 1985, and has been with Skipping Workshops for 10 years. She holds a degree and MSc in Exercise & Nutrition Science. She is also a lecturer and examiner in Fitness & Exercise for OCR. Lorraine enjoys encouraging children of all ages to keep fit and healthy. Lorraine travels widely, but mainly works in the Midlands and South West England.

Nicola Jeffrey, Coach

Nicola Jeffrey – Coach

Nicola started skipping at the age of 9 through an after school skipping club. She continued skipping with The Bouncers, competing in national and international competitions, winning multiple gold, silver and bronze medals. Since 2017, Nicola has been coaching the Bouncers, and has been teaching with Skipping Workshops since 2018, running after school clubs, and all day workshops.


Mary Cox, Coach

Mary Cox – Coach

Mary has been part of the skipping community since 1998. She has competed in national competitions and was a member of the Bouncers for 5 years. Mary has skipped into her adult life for fitness, and we are pleased to have Mary coaching all day workshops and after school clubs for Skipping Workshops since 2020.