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Skipping Workshops promotes skipping as a fun, healthy and creative way for children to get exercise.

We can tailor your Skipping Workshops visit to suit your individual school’s needs, but here is a brief outline of the different services we provide.


Option 1: Whole School Skip

The Whole School Skip is a day of back-to-back skipping lessons, providing all ages and abilities with an opportunity to learn how to skip or to develop their skills. 

The day finishes with a celebration of skipping in front of the whole school with selected skippers demonstrating their skills learnt throughout the day.

Free playground behaviour & skipping resources included.

Half Day: Morning: £265 / Afternoon: £225

Full Day: £375

Costs for the Whole School Skip can vary according to the size of the school. Multiple days can be booked for a discounted price.

Option 2: Continuing Professional Development (CPD) & Improving Playground Behaviour

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
CPD is a combination of approaches, ideas and techniques that will help you manage your own learning and growth. It is ideal for all staff involved in teaching PE and covers how individual and group skipping activities can be included in PE lessons.

This course lasts for 60 minutes, and costs £145.


Improving Playground Behaviour 

This course is ideal for all staff involved in playground supervision and covers how to teach children different partner and team skipping games, including long rope games and double dutch.

This course lasts for 60 minutes, and costs £125. Free if incorporated into a whole day visit.

Option 3: After School Skipping Workshop

The After School Skipping Workshop provides children aged 5 to 11 with an hour of fun and healthy activity. It teaches children the basics of skipping, including individual footsteps and popular skips and tricks. Suitable for up to 50 children (depending on the size of your school hall).

After School Workshops are available on the day of a visit, or courses are available if we have a coach in your area. From £7 per child.