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Welcome to the Skipping Workshops website

Skipping Workshops promotes skipping as a healthy form of exercise throughout the UK.

We organise a national skipping competition, the ‘National Skipping Challenge’, visit hundreds of schools a year with our proven and high-quality skipping workshops, and we also sell gymnastic skipping ropes.

Skipping is a great activity for people of all ages, but especially children. We have found that skipping improves fitness, coordination, cooperation, and behaviour. Grab a skipping rope and join us!

Children & Schools

Most of our work is done through our visits to primary schools across the UK, but we also organise regular skipping clubs, and work with youth groups and play-schemes.

We can tailor our daily schedule to suit the size of your school or group, ranging from special PE classes for every class in a school to our free skipping demonstrations.

Skipping for Fitness

Skipping is an ideal form of exercise, as it quickly gets the heart and lungs working hard. It is something that can be done on the playground or in the school hall, and doesn’t require any expensive equipment. Skipping helps develop coordination and cooperation skills, and is a form of exercise which can be enjoyed by all.

To help children & parents interested in encouraging skipping we have a series of brief videos that illustrate various skills & challenges. Please scroll down to the bottom of the home page of our website;


or simply use this link:


We are an all inclusive company. We have coaches who have experience with every child’s additional needs so please do ask if you have questions.

Following the recent return of all pupils, schools will be considering how best to tackle the impact of the lack of schooling; one ( of many) areas that schools will want to address is the lack of physical activity most children have experienced in recent months.

Skipping is a great activity to get children active; it’s easy to get started, great fun ( & it even provides social distancing!)

We hope you might consider an ‘all-day-skip’ visit in the coming months; it is a day of skipping lessons for all age groups from YR to Y6. If you’d like to find out more ( suitable timetable? potential dates? Likely cost of a visit?) please get in touch. We do have experienced coaches available in your area.

We were delighted to invite Skipping Workshops back to visit our school for the second time in 2 years – as a school we were very keen to get the children active following the Covid-lockdown and felt that skipping was an activity that could be easily adapted into our PE curriculum and also as a daily fitness component – we took the decision to buy each child in the school a rope to remain Covid-safe and then brought in Lizzie to demonstrate both simple and far -reaching techniques that stretched the novice and expert alike!  The children were totally enthused by the workshops and they have been left with a genuine buzz of excitement and a real legacy – Thank you all at Skipping Workshop

Dave Coates East Preston Junior School, Littlehampton

‘Learn to Skip’ DVD

Our ‘Learn to Skip’ DVD is now on sale! Full of tips and ideas for getting children started with skipping, this DVD takes you through the introductory footsteps, and finishes with some of the most popular skips of all, including the Crossover and the Pretzel.




'Get Fit For Fun' at Bisham Abbey


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Hi Lizzie,


I just wanted to pass on a further thank you for your fantastic skipping workshops at Trinity last week.


These were thoroughly enjoyed by both children and staff and I have had such positive feedback from those involved.


Best wishes,  Megan. Trinity Primary School, Portishead, February 2019

Megan, Trinity Primary School, Portishead, February 2019

Hi Lizzie,

Thank you so much for coming to our school – the children have been buzzing about it since!

For me, the impact I have seen is I love seeing the children excited about the equipment they have outside in the playground and are now using the ropes in the intended way! I love seeing them practising their skills and developing their confidence in trying something new and active. It has definitely improved the behaviour on the playground as well!

Best wishes,    Sophie

Sophie Townsend, Old Sarum Primary School, Salisbury, September 2019

What a fabulous skipping workshop day we had with Jamie yesterday. The children enjoyed the day and it has inspired them (and their parents and teachers!) to take up skipping! Jamie was fantastic. She pitched all the workshops well and had good control over the children. She was friendly, enthusiastic and quickly developed a positive relationship with the children.
Thank you so much. We shall definitely be booking up a follow-up!

Verity Poole, Headteacher, Maynards Green Community Primary School, January 2017

Children at Northway Primary truly enjoyed their day with Anthony. He was very knowledgable, charismatic and engaging.

Thomas Vandewiele, Northway Primary, Liverpool, June 2016

Once again thank you for coming to the IOW and enthusing our children with their skipping. They were all raving about it!

Janet Tuck, Headteacher, Isle of Wight, May 2015

Just wanted to say a BIG thank you again for today. The children had a great time and were clearly inspired!

Jo Clague, Rushen Primary, Isle of Man, March 2015

The energetic staff training was enjoyed by all who were then fully enthused to support the children in their workshops a fortnight later. We were fortunate that Skipping Workshops could provide us immediately with a rope for all children. We had much fun participating in National Skipping Day and the children took the ropes home that day. One Year 2 boy, before the holiday, said that he wasn’t going to play as much on his ipad because he wanted to skip outside. Thank you Skipping Workshops in helping us promote a healthy lifestyle.

Mrs Edwards, Headteacher, The Grange Community Infant School, April 2015